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Secret Stash - Real Hair Brush Hiding Spot

Real, high quality hairbrush that doubles as a secret stash container. The interior of the stash spot boasts over 4 inches in length and more than an inch wide. Use this spacious hiding spot to hide different valuables.

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  • Description

    Stash Spot Listing Includes

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    • 1 Secret Stash Spot Hair Brush

    Features and Specifications

    • Top Attribute - This is a real, high quality hair brush that can be used to brush the hair and to hide valuables such as jewelry, money and so much more.
    • Stash Spot Interior Measurements (length x diameter) - 4.25 inches x 1.25 inches
    • Hair Brush Measurement (Length x Brush Head Width) - 8.75 inches x 3 inches
    • Equipped with a soft rubber grip for comfortable handling and brushing